a story about controlling the future and past

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Who Accepts the Present

a story about controlling the future and past

“Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past.”

The powers that be realized this, and using time transceivers, began sending messages to the past and future. They wrested control of our government, our courts, our schools, our fears and our votes. We complained, but we did not act, and by the time they were done, most of us believed the lie that they were not just the powers that be, but the powers that always have been and will be forever.

A few of us remembered the truth. We rigged a bootleg time transceiver of our own, only capable of sending a single word forward and backward.

To the past we sent a word of warning: “NOW.” We hoped they would do something while they still had time. We received no reply.

And so, to the future we sent the message: “WHEN?” asking for guidance on when to act. The reply came instantly in the same desperate handwriting we had penned a moment ago.


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Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Mojo Movies

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