a holiday horror short story/controversial true crime theory jkjk

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The True Story of Saint Nicholas

a holiday horror short story/controversial true crime theory jkjk

Few people know what Saint Nicholas is actually the patron saint of, because few people know the story of the boys in the barrel.

Most versions go like this: three beggar boys come to a butcher’s house to ask for food and shelter. Instead, he grabs his cleaver, chops them up, and puts them in a barrel to sell as ham. Seven years pass, and one day Saint Nick visits the house. He demands the butcher take him to the barrel, but the butcher flees. Saint Nick finds it anyway and resurrects the boys.

All this is true. Look it up. And while you do, ask yourself: isn‘t it strange that the butcher kept damning evidence in his own house for seven years? That only Saint Nicholas knew where the “ham” was hidden? That we only have nick’s side of the story?

The truth is right there. You just need to see what he’s patron saint of.

Of children: the three beggar boys he murdered.

Of coopers: who made the barrel he planted them in.

Of gifts: bribes for three more beggar boys to claim he resurrected them.

Of the falsely accused: the butcher who never got to tell his side of the story.

All this is true. Look it up. And the next time Saint Nick brings you a Christmas ham, ask yourself: have any beggar boys gone missing?

Just wanted to say happy holidays and thanks for reading along this year! It's been a treat! I've been a little busy this month sending The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds off to print

PS: This was last year's December postcard for Postcards From the Future subscribers!


Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Jakob Owens

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