a short story about a mythic period of current history

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The When I Have Time

a short story about a mythic period of current history

The guild of archaeologues argues constantly about the people of the 2020’s and their belief in the coming of a mythic age called the "When I Have Time."

people imagined that in the “When I Have Time” they could finally do the things they always dreamed of: like reading more, seeing an old friend, or taking up gardening. Extant records suggest that most forms of pleasure and self-care were deferred until this unspecified date.

Still, we cannot agree whether the “when I have time” constitutes a distinct historic period, a contemporary concept of heaven, or simply an emotional construct designed to make life bearable. The answer may have depended on personal belief, practice, and financial circumstances.

Thus, the guild has resolved to add this fascinating era to the agenda for future research and discussion. You know, when we have time.


Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Max Langelott

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