a story about using up the last of the outside

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Running Out of Outside

a story about using up the last of the outside

This is a public service announcement.

Please note that we have run out of “outside.”

We used to have enough to go around, but now we don’t. We must have used it all up. And To be honest, we have no idea when we’ll be getting more “outside” in.

Probably never.

Please note that Our supplies of “inside” are also running low. We ask that you do not look out your window. Do not open your door. we can’t afford to find out what will happen if we let the last of the “inside” out.

By the way, my new book of micro-stories is out, featuring voice narration by Cecil Baldwin (Welcome to Night Vale), Lydia Nicholas (Rusty Quill Gaming, The Magnus Archives), and Jonathan Sims (The Magnus Archives)!

You can buy it here in The Story Engine store!


Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by @polygonglider

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