a short story about dead things come back to life, by special guest S.M. Beiko

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There's a Light on in the Dead House

a short story about dead things come back to life, by special guest S.M. Beiko

There's a light on in the dead house, though there hasn't been in years. The neighbourhood association always complained, and condemned notices littered the busted porch like leaves.

But there's a light on, now, where no light should be. And though the murders happened decades ago, the pain seeping black through the brickwork each time I walk past, I am given hope by that light. That something so wrecked could have something left to give.

Since I moved here, my neighbours looked to me as broken, too. Good for nothing but a tear-down. For like the dead house, I carry as much pain in the four walls of this body, and when I attended the town hall to discuss what to do with the wreck on Eldridge Avenue, I felt protective of that house. As if it was mine. As if it was me.

I stood up amidst the chattering townsfolk, all demanding to pull the house down and put up something useful, and when I opened my mouth, I saw, reflected on their terrified faces, the most beautiful light shining out, my brickwork shuddering, but still holding, solid, seeping black. But bright.

S.M. Beiko is a Winnipeg-based author of award-winning young adult fantasy (The Lake and the Library, The Realms of Ancient trilogy) as well as an editor of original comics anthologies (Gothic Tales of Haunted Love; Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures) and short horror fiction. She is also the artist and writer of the original webcomic, Krampus is My Boyfriend!


Short story written by S.M. Beiko

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Eric Muhr

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