a short story about catching fireflies

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a short story about catching fireflies

"There are so many stars! I want to catch them like fireflies! What's that one called, Mummy?" You pointed upward.

I looked up, squinting. "I can't see anything there."

"What about that one?" you said.

I followed your finger, watching as the next star you pointed at sputtered and went out.

"Baby..." I started, heart beating faster.

"Or that one?" you asked. A whole swath of sky went dark as your finger moved.

"Baby, stop that," I said, panic constricting my chest.

But you reached up to the heavens with cupped hands. "So many!" you said. "I want to catch them all!"

And you span in circles as the world went dark, dark, dark.


Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Synticonic

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