a short story about cursed dolls and creative kindness

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When Life Gives You Demons

a short story about cursed dolls and creative kindness

The warlock cursed our town and left the demon-possessed doll in the square.

We took it to the woods and buried it, but it was back by the time we returned home. We burned it in the blacksmith’s forge, but again it reappeared. No matter how many times we destroyed or discarded it, it rematerialized in the same spot.

So we built a furnace to run off the infinite supply of regenerating dolls. First we used it to heat the poorhouse in winter, and eventually the rest of the town too. This summer, we’re going to open a community kitchen.

A few families are still coming around to the idea of living with hellfire in our midst, but the rest of us just wink and say, “When life gives you demons, give 'em hell.”


Short story written by Peter Chiykowski

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Story prompt taken from a photo by Esteban Lopez and Raquel Racelete

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